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Optimal anticipation of trends and developments

The emergence of Bitcoin and subsequent blockchain technologies are increasingly changing the processes of global trade, data security, supply chain management and contract processing. BlockchainTraders manages investment funds that invest in cryptocurrencies. With a combination of blockchain expertise and actively managed cryptocurrency investment portfolios, BlockchainTraders now offers investors an opportunity to achieve high returns on these revolutionary technologies.

Because BlockchainTraders spreads your investments as much as possible, it can limit the investment risks and respond optimally to trends and developments. BlockchainTraders is registered with the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM).

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    About Us

    BlockchainTraders was founded by Michiel van der Steeg and Justin Kool. Justin bought his first Bitcoin in 2014. In 2017, Justin and Michiel gained a lot of cryptocurrency experience. They outperformed the market by over 30% that year and established BlockchainTraders using their cryptocurrency proceeds.


    Today, the founders of BlockchainTraders are highly regarded specialists in cryptocurrency trading and often speak at national and international blockchain events.


    The team supporting BlockchainTraders expects blockchain to have a greater impact on today’s society than the internet has had to date.


    • Jensen Anders 3 2
      Justin Kool eng Founder & Porfolio Manager Justin Kool Founder & Portfolio Manager Justin studied Commercial Economics in Groningen. Duringhis Bachelor, he..
    • Jensen Anders 3 2
      Michiel van der Steeg Founder & Co-portfolio Manager After his Bachelor International Relations at the University of Groningen, Michiel followed a minor inEntrepreneurship...
    • Jensen Anders 3 2
      Lidewey Minks Office Manager Lidewey completed the spatial product presentation course at Cibap and fashion and photo styling atthe..
    • Jensen Anders 3 2
      Jeroen Cremer Compliance Advisor & Director of the BlockchainTraders Supervision Foundation. Jeroen Cremer Compliance Advisor & Director of the BlockchainTraders Supervision FoundationJeroen Cremer is the commercial..
    • Jensen Anders 3 2
      Michiel van Eersel Legal Advisor Michiel van Eersel has been a practicing as a financial services lawyer since 2001, specializing..