BlockchainTraders Growth Fund

Grow with the rapidly developing cryptocurrency market.

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About the fund

BlockchainTraders Growth Fund started in 2018. This fund benefits from the growth and mass adoption of blockchain by investing in cryptocurrencies. BlockchainTraders Fund A manages to achieve good returns in an emerging market with its proven strategy. This fund diversifies its portfolio by using different investment techniques. This reduces the risks and allows the fund to safely achieve high returns.


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Buying and holding cryptocurrencies

A combination of buying and holding major cryptocurrencies (top 20 by market capitalization), we mainly focus on blockchain platforms and buying and holding smaller cryptocurrencies that already have useful applications in today’s world.

Investing in special cryptocurrencies to use them for 'staking'

Verifying transactions by storing a certain cryptocurrency in a special software wallet and earning a commission.

Actively trading cryptocurrencies

Automated active trading of cryptocurrencies through trading bots. These trading bots use algorithms and analyze the market 24/7, allowing them to respond to volatility faster than humans. This part of the portfolio ensures that BlockchainTraders outperform the market. In addition, the portfolio managers of BlockchainTraders also respond by trading themselves on macroeconomic trends.

Growth Fund


Legal structure Mutual Fund
Goal Growing with the cryptocurrency market while limiting risks through a diversified investment policy and by quickly responding to developments within Blockchain.
Fiscal status Untaxed
Transferability Non transferable
Participation Minimum 100.000 euro
Start-up costs 845 euro
Management fee 0,4% per quarter
Other costs maximum 1%
Performance fee 15% of the achieved positive return
Forecast return per year stress scenario -52%
Forecast return per year worst-case-scenario 21%
Forecast return per year moderate scenario 164%
Forecast return per year best-case-scenario 500%
Minimum maturity 1 year, with an advised duration of 3 years.

Performance Update

Performance Update
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Fund Documentation

Growth Fund Product Information NL
Growth Fund Product Information EN
Growth Fund IM NL
Growth Fund EID NL

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