NB! You invest outside of AFM supervision. No license and prospectus requirement for this activity

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    Copy of a valid identity card (passport, (European) drivers license or Dutch identity card).

    Copy of a bank statement or bill from an energy or utility company to verify the address.

    In euro’s from 100.000 to 5.000.000+

    I hereby declare that I live in the Netherlands. I declare that all information provided to the Administrator of BlockchainTraders Growth Fund through this registration form is true and accurate and completed to the best of my knowledge. I hereby undertake to promptly notify and provide the Administrator with any changed information within 30 days of any such change being made which would cause the information previously received to become inaccurate or incomplete. If there is a legal obligation, I hereby declare that the Administrator has my permission to share the information with the tax authorities and/or the relevant tax authorities.

    I hereby confirm that I want to participate in BlockchainTraders Growth Fund for the above amount. I have read all the information on this registration form. By signing this application form, I declare that I am aware of and agree to the contents of the Fund's Information Memorandum. The Information Memorandum is available from the Fund Manager, being BlockchainTraders B.V., Deventerstraat 101C, 7322 JM, Apeldoorn.

    You are now being re-directed to AKJ Crypto PLC, a non-regulated entity. You will not have the benefit of being able to rely on any statutory compensation schemes.

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