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Limited Access

Please note that the website of BlockchainTraders B.V. may not be accessed by persons subject to a jurisdiction where the publication of the website's content or access thereto is prohibited for any reason (e.g., due to nationality or place of residence). Such persons are not authorized to access this website.

No Warranty

BlockchainTraders B.V. has taken great care in compiling the information on this website. The information on this website is continuously updated and checked for accuracy. However, neither BlockchainTraders B.V. nor its contractual partners make any representation or warranty (explicit or implicit) that the information published on the website of BlockchainTraders B.V. is accurate, reliable, up-to-date, or complete. In particular, BlockchainTraders B.V. has no obligation to update or remove outdated information or opinions from this website or to designate them as outdated. The information and opinions on this website may be changed at any time without notice.

Furthermore, no warranty is given that this website will function without errors or interruptions, that any errors will be corrected, or that this website and servers from which information is accessible will be free from viruses, trojan horses, worms, software bombs, or other harmful components and programs, and BlockchainTraders B.V. accepts no liability for this.

Risk Disclosure

Investing in cryptocurrencies is inherently risky and may result in total loss of the invested amount. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and can fluctuate significantly in a short period of time. If you are not familiar with the risks involved, we kindly request that you leave this website. By continuing to use this website, you confirm that you understand the risks and are capable of taking them.

No Liability

The information provided on this website by BlockchainTraders B.V. may not be current, accurate, or complete, and the company accepts no liability for it. Any direct or indirect damage, including loss of profits, resulting from the use of this website or its information is not the responsibility of BlockchainTraders B.V. Liability for consequential damage and loss of profits are excluded.

No Offer

The information and opinions published on this website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as any form of promotion, recommendation, encouragement, offer, or solicitation to (i) buy or sell cryptocurrencies, (ii) engage in any other business activities, or (iii) enter into any other legal transactions. The described services may not be suitable for you, or may not be available in your jurisdiction.

No Advice

The information and opinions published on this website do not constitute investment advice, and are not intended to provide legal, tax, financial, or any other advice or to be relied upon as such. Such information and opinions should not be used as a basis for decision-making. We strongly recommend that you consult with an expert in the relevant field before deciding to take any specific action. No information on or access to the website of BlockchainTraders B.V. should be construed as a contractual relationship between the providers of such information and the users of the website.

Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Trademark Rights:

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Possible Conflicts of Interest:

BlockchainTraders B.V., its directors, or employees may have invested, currently invest, or may invest in the future in cryptocurrencies about which information or opinions are provided on the website of BlockchainTraders B.V. It is also possible that BlockchainTraders B.V. has previously provided, currently provides, or will provide services to the issuers of such cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it is possible that employees or directors of BlockchainTraders B.V. have previously performed, currently perform, or will perform certain functions on behalf of the issuers of such cryptocurrencies.

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