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By investing with BlockchainTraders, you gain exclusive access to our user-friendly portal. It is designed to keep you closely connected with your investment's performance, ensuring you have the insights you need to watch your investments grow.

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Real Time Portfolio Insights

Our portal provides instant access to the latest information on your investments, from current valuations to historical performance data. It's our commitment to offer you a transparent view of your investments, anytime and anywhere, so you can feel secure and informed at every step of your investment journey.

Bi-Weekly Factsheets

Every two weeks, we upload a curated factsheet directly in the portal, filled with essential data on the performance of the fund.

BlockchainTraders Factsheet


Reduce dependence on traditional assets and increase your returns

Add an investment with BlockchainTraders to your traditional investment portfolio with stocks and bonds. This has the added value that it can significantly increase the return of the total portfolio and reduce dependence on traditional assets.

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5. Efficiency

We will work to make your investment profitable

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