BlockchainTraders Growth Fund

Diversified and safe investing in the fastgrowing crypto market.

Let op! U belegt buiten AFM-toezicht. Geen vergunning- en prospectusplicht voor deze activiteit.

About the fund

BlockchainTraders Growth Fund started in 2018. This fund benefits from the growth and mass adoption of blockchain by investing in cryptocurrencies. BlockchainTraders Fund A manages to achieve good returns in an emerging market with its proven strategy.

Returns are generated by price gains on cryptocurrencies and by trading proceeds, making the fund in dominance a directional investment in cryptocurrencies. The return forecast is over 30% per annum with a 3-year investment horizon.

22% 32% 4%

Opportunity: taking advantage of a revolution

Riskmanagement: risk mitigation

Risk management is crucial in the investment process, which focuses on generating the most stable returns possible and limiting downward movements in the long term. Risks are greatly mitigated by:

* Return from December 31, 2023, to June 28, 2024.
** Since 28 January 2020; the start of the current strategy of BlockchainTaders Growth Fund.
*** CCI30 in EUR after costs, since 28 January 2020.
1 High Water Mark (HWM), and no hurdle rate applies.
2 'Other' refers to accounting costs, registration costs at the AFM.
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Investment information

Fonds inception 17 august 2018
Investment strategy Crypto directional / active trading
Lead Portfolio manager Justin Kool
Co-Portfolio manager Michiel van der Steeg

Fund information

Legal structure Mutual Fund
Fiscal status Untaxed
Transferability Non transferable
Minimum participation €100.000
Redemption Fee 2% (first year only)
Withdrawals / Deposits Monthly

Cost structure

Start-up costs €845 (one-time)
Management fee 0,4% (quarterly)
Performance fee 15% (lifelong HWM)1
Other costs 1% 2

Service providers

Investment manager BlockchainTraders B.V.
Judicial owner Stichting Toezicht
Bank Bunq B.V.
Custodial solution Fireblocks
Corporate Exchange Bitvavo / Flow Traders
KYC Software ComplianceWise
Wwft Internal Auditor Endymion

Fund documentation Growth Fund

Essential information document
Information Memorandum
Performance update
Product Information document