Crypto asset management

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly. More and more applications are emerging and the number of different cryptocurrencies and the applications of these cryptocurrencies are also increasing rapidly. The cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly complex and it is therefore increasingly difficult and time-consuming to respond to opportunities in the market. This is why crypto asset management may be interesting for you. A professional crypto asset manager has the resources to minimize your risks and maximize your returns.

What are the benefits of crypto asset management?



One of the fundamental principles of asset management is diversification. By spreading your investments across different cryptocurrencies, you reduce the risk of big losses due to price volatility.


Risk assessment

A professional crypto asset management company conducts comprehensive risk assessments to understand and manage your exposure to market fluctuations.


Portfolio optimization

Experts in crypto asset management can continuously optimize your portfolio to ensure you take advantage of the best opportunities in the market.



Safely storing your crypto assets is of utmost importance. Crypto asset managers use state-of-the-art security measures and cold storage solutions to protect your assets from hackers and theft.


Return maximization

By actively trading and using strategies such as staking and yield farming, crypto asset managers can maximize your returns.

Asset management at BlockchainTraders

At BlockchainTraders you can invest in actively managed investment funds. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the crypto market and adapt our strategies accordingly. By adding an investment with BlockchainTraders to your traditional investment portfolio, you can significantly increase the return on the total portfolio and reduce dependence on traditional assets.

Why you should invest in crypto in a managed manner and not by yourself

Managed investing in crypto is essential for those who want to invest in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, but do not have the time to follow the market themselves. Managed investing reduces the complexity and risks compared to independent investing by building a portfolio in a diversified manner according to a fixed strategy, which reduces the risk of major losses. In addition, advanced security techniques from asset managers ensure the safest storage of your crypto.

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Our funds

Growth Fund

  • icon Return forecast: +/- 35%
  • icon Investment strategy: Holding and trading crypto
  • icon Crypto Market: depends on the market
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Liquidity Fund

  • icon Return forecast: +/- 15%
  • icon Investment strategy: Liquidity Mining
  • icon Crypto Market: Independent
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